Day 1

Arrival in Nairobi, from International flight,

Or as an extention from the Masai Mara Safari – flight in from the Masai Mara in the Afternoon.

Over night at Maschala House.

Day 2

After  Breakfast  and hopefully your chance to photograph some of the birds in the Hotel grounds.

We depart for our flight to Samburu National Reserve.

Departing at 8am landing Samburu at 930 am.

 Our Toyota Landcruiser Safari Vehicle will have departed very early, to drive up country to meet us later in the day at Samburu, together with our heavy luggage, that would make it difficult to travel with our the light aircraft, and its restricted luggage regime.

Once we are settled into our rooms, we have time to explore the extensive grounds of the lodge, that sits on the Banks of the  Eswaso Ngiro River.

The river acts like a natural waterhole so Big game are magnetized to the river. Even when we are not on a game drive the photography opportunities, are still to be had right in front of the lodge, and the grounds are filled with birds including , Superb Starlings, Yellow billed and Von der Deckens Hornbills, Paradise Flycatchers, to mention just a few of the common residents of the lodge grounds.

Our vehicle will arrive during the afternoon, in time for our Game drive until dusk.

Lunch and evening meal and overnight

Samburu Lodge.


Day 3 & Day 4


It might sound corny, but Samburu For me evokes  the real spirit and feel of Africa.

Just how you would imagine wild Africa to be.

The landscape is raw, but stunningly beautiful. Samburu sits in a hollow, surrounded two mountains, that act as a great backdrop for your images, where in other parts of Africa especially the Masai Mara, it can be difficult to keep the sky out of your images. In Samburu, the backdrop of the surrounding hills acts as a first class back drop.

The vegetation is prolific , but not too dense, so you never get that monotones , “just grass” look to your images, the semi arid terrain with scattered rocks and bushes, to me acts as the perfect habitat for your African birds and Animals.


Samburu is in fact my favourite location in Africa, as it has all the fore mentioned qualities, in quite a small area, that is easy to navigate . But above all never too crowded, with tourists. It almost feels like the land that time forgot.

The serine nature of the reserve reflects its isolation from large settlements and difficulty in accessing until recent times.




The Birdlife is out of this world, from Raptors,

Hornbills to Bee-eaters,

Not to mention the endemic such as the Somalia Ostrich.


The Elephants here are worth the visit on their own.

Here in Samburu,

they have a real attitude,


The herds here are also large, and quite often tightly packed. Making for some great images.

The Big Cats are here also with Lion < Cheetah and  a very strong population of Leopard.


Our time in Samburu will be devidee between the  reserve on two game drives per day, in the morning 6am until around 10am.

The lodge during the heat of the day acts as our oasis, wher we can undego some image assessment, or photograph the wildlife around the lodge.

As the sun begins to drop again we return into the reserve  around 3pm until dusk.

Day 5

On our last day in Samburu , and our final game drive here.

Then after breakfast we depart for our drive south.

This drive gives us the chance to take in some of the beuty of the ever changing African landscape. On this easy all tarred road back to Nairobi.

On our return drive to Nairobi will will take a refreshing over night stop at  Naro Moru River Lodge, on the edge of  Mount Kenya, and enjoy one of the top ornithological sites in Kenya.

The Tremendous geographical range gives Kenya a variety of climates and landscapes, hence the second highest number of bird species in Africa. Kenya holds the world-record for the number of species seen in a 24 hour period with 342 species seen .

We have no intentions in trying to come anywhere near this amount of species,  It’s the  quality of the observations that we will interest our selves in.

Rather than rushing around trying to find the most species.

Day 6

We have another morning walking safari around the lodge and river habitat. To take in more of the Ornothological delights.

We then mid morning  continue our way south towards Nairobi.


  restaurant for evening meal


Flight out Nairobi

Day 7

Arrive back uk




Dates & Cost




£2449 GBP

single suplement

£170 GBP



Cost Breakdown

Your Guide

Lee Mott

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