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 Osprey Workshop Scotland

Our Osprey Photography Workshop offers the best opportunity to photograph Osprey’s in the UK, if not the whole of Europe.

I have worked with a local Fishery now for over 5 years to bring you:

The Original Osprey Workshop , with 2015 being its 5th year.

With exclusive access to a specially designed pool, where Ospreys fish on a daily basis.

 This must be one of the most exciting sessions of photography a wildlife photographer can encounter.

But not without its challenges, as with any form of wildlife photography.

Lee will guide you with the best techniques and settings, and be on hand throughout the session. Our second guide will help us predict the locations of the Osprey as they come in to fish,  with the aid of two way radios.

"you will never get closer  to a fishing Osprey than this"

If that was not enough!

We have hides set on the edge of a forest location. Here the site is baited throughout  the year.

The locations are chosen for their surrounding photogenic foliage where our subjects can perch and sit, including Red Squirrels , Roe Deer, Great Spotted Woodpecker,  plus many other woodland birds.

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 Equipment Required









1st - 4th August


1st - 4th August



Group Size

Maximum of

7 Photographers.



£ 1075.00



Single supplement



Cost Includes

Transport within Workshop



food and drink.





Cost Excludes

Alcohol and personal effects.


Fitness Level

Level 2

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