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A comprehensive digital photography 7 day residential
Photography Workshop
Based on Shetland
Maximum of 6 photographers
            One to one tuition and guidance from award winning photographer     

 Lee Mott

     LBIPP, LMPA, CrGWP, Who personally guides every trip.
Get up-close and personal with a breathtaking variety of subjects
Covering a large portion of mainland Shetland
Sea Mammals, one of the best chances in the UK to view,
Otter, Killer Whale, Porpoise and Minke Whale.
Landscapes - Unspoilt and breathtaking seascapes, Lochs and Voes
Wildflowers - verges and meadows awash with colour
Macro Photography
Sea Mammals


1 Million Seabirds
Puffins within a few feet of your lens
Arctic and Great Skuas as they hunt the seabird colonies, just a stone’s throw from the cliffs.
Black Guillemots, as they interact in their small colonies, oblivious to our presents.
Arctic Terns in the thousands.
The endemic  Shetland Wren, confiding and ever entertaining.
Killer Whales, the chance to encounter these magnificent creatures in the wild.
Seals, abundant and ever present in the Shetland Landscape.
Storm Petrol
Breathtaking Seascapes
Plus much, much more.
A full list of species can be found on the specific trip pages.


St Ninnians Isle, the finest example of a tombola in Europe, and a superb site for Landscapes.  
Sumbrugh Head RSPB reserve 
Stunning landscape and Breeding waders of south mainland
Mousa RSPB reserve, private boat charter, takes us twice to this very special island 
Noss, one of the wonders of the world, is the description given by many, to the seabird covered cliffs of this small island.
Landscapes, moorland birds and waders of the east of Shetland




 Computer Room  Projects
Adobe Photoshop Tools
Optimizing Photoshop
Raw vs Jpeg
Histograms and Exposure
Cleaning and Adjustments
Creating and Stitching Panoramic images
Expanding the Dynamic range and HDR
Raw Conversions
Layers and Layer Masks
Advanced Black and White conversion
Monitor and Print Calibration
Adobe Lightroom 
Field  Techniques
Focus & Sharpness
Stalking & Camouflage
Equipment and
 its correct use
Plus much more   


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