Nature Workshop - Techniques and Guidance

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·              Comprehensive Digital Photography Workshop

·            Daily practical demonstrations on location
·          ‘one to one’ tuition tailored to their specific requirements 
·            Field techniques and guidance on how to get the most out of your equipment
·          Computer sessions in our very own Digital Light Room.
The course is designed to guide and educate, motivate and stimulate you from the moment you see the image before your eyes to the time you hold the final print in your hand.
The Workshop aim is to give you confidence in your own ability with your camera in the field and with your computer back home to deliver the finest quality prints
All abilities can benefit from these workshops.
These courses offer a unique blend of digital photography, light room training, camera and field techniques. Most digital photographers do not take full advantage of the equipment they are using. This course will show you how to achieve the perfect image using composition and exposure and camera technique, without needing to use computer software to enhance an average image.
Training on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

Computer Workflow


Put the fun back into your photography. We will show you how to quickly edit, convert, manipulate, catalogue, store and backup your images. We will show you straight forward systems that work.
That way you can make sure you spend more time behind the camera lens and less time in front of the computer screen.
Workflow, will be clear, simple, straight forward, avoiding technical jargon at all times.

10 Stage Tool-kit
We will show you how our unique 10 Stage Tool-kit works. Our system produces optimal adjustments
Sounds complicated?
Well that's just the point, it’s not, like every new system it takes some getting used to, but in a very short time You too will be zipping through your images,
 in a optimised and effective process.
10 Stage Tool-kit
1) Camera Raw Processing
2) Channel Adjustment Layers
3) Layer Blending Adjustments
4) Erase your Exposure Problems
5) Brush with Light
6) Photo Merge or Panoramic Stitch
7) HDR, High Dynamic Range
8)  Image Clean Up (dust and Noise Reduction)
9)  Sharpening
10) Output to File or Print

Click Here for Computer Techniques example   

Camera Control


·         Move away from programme or priority modes and switching to manual, you will be able to revolutionise your photography.
·         Take on our metering methods, your photography will take on a new life and your success rate will soar.
·         The whole process can be explained in a very simple fashion, converting even the most sceptical to our methods.
·         How to choose the right time of day and the right type of light for your chosen subject.
·         Ways of controlling natural light using reflectors and diffusers.
     Use flash photography creatively by taking control of your flash gun.
Focus and Sharpness
·          understanding zones of sharpness,
·          depth of field
·          Hyper focal distance.


Composition - the art of seeing

·         Learning to see great images in the ‘clutter of nature’.
·         Some people have a natural ability to see a great image, but others can learn this ability.
·         We will give you the skills to master composition.



Field techniques
Stalking and Camouflage
·          approaching wildlife without disturbance
·         Use of camouflage, hides and stalking techniques.
Equipment and its correct use
·          We will also cover using the right lens,
·          camera controls
·          Correct use of tripods and other camera supports.

During this Workshop we promise to show you
how to truly take control of your photography.

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