Name Change - Why the Change?

Lee Mott Photography workshop branding was Originally Nature photography courses founded in 1999, with venues throughout the UK.

Then with the move too Shetland in 2006, Lee suspended the mainland UK workshops to concentrate solely on Shetland photography holidays.
The concept of the re-branded name Images in Nature is not a new idea. Lee created this branding in the early days of Nature Photography Courses.
But did not feel the time was right then, to change the brand name.
It is always difficult to know when or even if to change the brand name, some businesses might find it frightening to undertake such a risky business.
But Lee Mott as a photographer is known throughout the UK photography circuit and Images in Natures will still be recognised, by the Images in Nature Workshops by Lee Mott branding.
So the name change is to encompass the future projects of the business, and be less specific in its branding.
So for Images in Nature the name change is a positive move forward.
"I feel excited about the Images in Nature branding, and what it offers my customers, now and in the near future"

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