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Stellers Sea Eagle

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Japan  offers a truly magical destination for the Nature Photographer. Our photography tour gives you the chance to photograph some of the rarest and most spectacular Wildlife on the planet, all set in surroundings that a photographers dreams are made of.

With a guaranteed small group experience with no more than 6 clients.

Offering  you the ultimate  Japan experience, for both the wildlife and culture. This Trip offers what must be one of the most prolific Wildlife Photography opportunities on the planet. One of my clients during the 2012 trip, managed to acquire in excess of 12,000 images.

Some of the reasons for such prolific opportunities are the subjects we cover are accustomed to human presents, each species  are in large numbers and all our main subjects are large in size. Often we will witness many  species together, resulting in conflicts and stunning opportunities for action photography. 

This together with the superb Landscape and Japanese Culture, makes for a trip of a lifetime 

Japan - Winter Wonderland   Main Photographic Subjects 

Red Crowned Crane

Once thought extinct, then during the 1970’s , 12 birds where found. Ongoing conservation has increased the population to 2700 birds today, With around 1,000 residing in Japan.

The birds are only found in a  remote part of China and Siberia, with little or no access and in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. They are not only one of the worlds rarest birds but also one of the most beautiful , Watch the magical display as they dance and constantlly call to each other, which ecoes around the landscape.

Nothing can prepare you for the sights and sounds of these magical birds as they dance  in the snow covered landscape . We spend two days with these and other birds that inhabit the area including Stellars and White tailed  Eagle. With highlights including : Sunrise over the Crane roosting site, where the cranes are surrounded by the rising steam from the river roost, backlit by the early morning light. Mid day feeding of the cranes where eagles put in an appearance , making for some stunning interaction between Cranes and eagles and even foxes. Also at sunset as they return to the roost site.

Stellers Sea Eagle.

 With just 5,000 birds in the world , 2,000 of these winter in the Japanese island of Hokkaido ,these birds together with the commoner but no less spectacular White tailed Eagle. During our boat trips over two mornings, we have the opportunity of witnessing these birds down to just a few metres. Flying around our boat and feeding and resting on the pack ice. And it is not unusual to observe dozens of these birds together.

The eagles are not just to be seen from the boat, but also a regular sight around our hotel and along the spectacular coastline. 

Japanese Macaque AKA Snow Monkey

We visit the only place in the world where monkeys bathe in hot springs.

At Jigokudani ( which translates to Hells Valley) so called because of its steep cliffs and hot water busting from the earths surface, resembled hell. But for over 200  Snow Monkeys, this area is paradise.

The Monkeys can be photographed at close proximity , yet totally  not concerned by our presence. 

White Tailed Eagle


Two or the location we visit offer exceptional opportunities to photograph White Tailed Eagle.

During our time with the Red Crowned Cranes, feeding time here can produce over 10 birds , making for some great flight shots and superb action, as they often come in to contact with both the Cranes and each other, as well as the many Black Eared Kites. Also we will witness them again in yet larger numbers , together with the Stellers Sea Eagle, on our boat trip out to the pack ice.





Whooper Swans in a dream like Landscape


We will spend the morning at a vast Caldera lake, surrounded by snow covered mountains, as a backdrop to the frozen lake. Making for a scene a photographers dreams are made of. Hot thermal Spa water keeps part of the lake free from ice, and it is here that hundreds of Whooper Swans converge. With opportunities for wide angle images of the swans in there environment and stunning close ups with the ice . Great flight shots can also be had here , as the birds too and froe around the lake.  




Red Fox is a common sight and like the other mammals and birds of the region, go about there daily life blissfully ignoring us.

Deer are a common sight at the Crane sites picking over the remaining feed.

We also have the chance of photographing the Japanese Serow, a kind of cross between a Goat and an Antelope.



Best of the Rest

Yet another "one of the other rarest birds in the World"

The Blakistons Fish Owl, difficult or even impossible to see outside Japan, where it is restricted to Hokkaido with an estimated population of just 100.

Countless other bird species include Black Eared Kite, Brown Dipper, Harlequin Duck, Varied Tit, Japanese White eye, Glaucous, Iceland, Glaucous Winged and Slaty Backed Gull, Pygmy Woodpecker, Dusky Thrush plus many others.  





 Watch the full length Movie below, containing 10 minutes of Video and still images.




White Tailed Eagle

Red Fox

Red Crowned Crane

Black Eared Kite

Blakistons Fish Owl



4-15 Feb 2016



single supplement £170

Minimum of 3 clients

to run

Maximum of 6 clients



Price includes all transportation within Japan 

( excluding Flights)

 all accommodations, all meals, all excursions, all entrance fees, leader services.



International & Domestic Flights. 

International Air fare:

Cost for return flight from London c £700.

Internal Flight

c £160

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