Ultimate Iceland  -  Itinerary



Fly from London Gatwick  International Airport

Reflavik International Airport


For those wishing to take a different flight, I would suggest arriving the day before and stopping in Reykjavik overnight.

We then take a Domestic flight to Akureyri, in the North east of Iceland.

Then drive to our base for the next 5 nights, at Lake Myvatn.

DAY 2 to DAY 5

Over the next 4 days, our group, with just a maximum of 6 photographers, gives us great potential for all the group to work together at locations with minimum disturbance. Other locations around the lake, the group will be split, and with the use of mobile bag hides, will offer each photographer more intimate low level photography.

Lake Myvatn and its surrounding pools holds a large number of  Ducks and Waders. Who will have recently arrived back onto their breeding grounds, the timing should give us the maximum amount of activity,as the birds are busy in their pre breeding activities,   finding territories and display.

Target species include: Slavonian Grebe, Red Necked Phalarope, Great Northern Diver, Long Tailed Duck, Greater Scaup, and Red Breasted Merganser.


At other locations a short distance from the lake, species such as Ptarmigan and Golden Plover , both proving to be very confiding. Also Whimbrel, Black Tailed Godwit, Snipe and the chance of Merlin.

On the River, Harlequin Duck and Barrows Goldeneye feed in the rapids.

Also well worth our attention is the Icelandic Wren and the high concentration of Redwing, which again prove confiding, unlike the UK wintering population.

The landscapes in the area are as always in Iceland – stunning. With at least a couple of excursions out to some of the largest waterfalls, Lava pools, steam vents and  Lava tunnels, for those who would like too. Or you could just stay back around the lake with the Birds. As we are a small group, we can be flexible all the way.

We will need to be flexible to our plans, depending on the weather conditions each day.

The days could be long, (or as long as you want) with sunrise around 0415 and sundown 2315. So we will need to pace ourselves.

The accommodation is however very close, within minimal walking distance, to some very good habitats, offering you the flexibility of resting between the photography sessions.



We start our drive around the East and south of Iceland towards Hofn, and ultimately Keflavik. With the drive taken over the next 5 days. Stopping off at 3 other Guest Houses, along the way.

Today will be our longest drive, to a small village, just short of the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon.

However along the way regular Hot spot stops for the Landscapes, and I am sure unscheduled meetings with the wildlife of Iceland.

Including breeding Pink Footed Geese, fresh in from wintering in the UK.

After arriving at our accommodation and dinner , we  head out for our first visit to Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon.

Overnight close to the Glacial Lagoon


A   full day around the Jokulsarlon Glaciel Lagoon area.

TheJokulsarlon Glaciel Lagoon is the largest in Iceland, being an outlet from the Vatnajokull ice cap, the largest glacier in Europe.

The photography opportunities here seem to be endless, with both stunning landscapes and surrounded by Birds and Mammals. It can only be described as a Nature Photographers paradise.

Overnight close to the Glacial Lagoon



We continue our drive towards Vik.

Again more stunning landscapes and Wildlife encounters, with locations for Red Necked Phalarope and Harlequin Duck, as well as seabird cliffs.

Overnight in a small country Guesthouse.

Day 9

A relatively short drive today, and on to our last Guesthouse.

Where we will spend our last two nights.

More landscapes and wildlife on route.

We then take our first trip to an area with a good  population of Red Throated Diver.

DAY 10

Today we will have a morning and afternoon session with Red Throated Diver, Red necked Phalarope and Whooper swan.

DAY 11

A very early start today and our flight back to the UK.

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