For those wishing to take a different flight, I would suggest arriving the day before and stopping in Reykjavik overnight.



Being Iceland, you would expect fish to play a big part of the menu, and so it does in many delicious ways. However it never takes centre stage, there is always something else on offer, and all in all the food in Iceland is excellent.

Breakfast: At Lake Myvatn we will have a sit down cooked breakfast, at the other guesthouse we either have a continental breakfast or a picnic breakfast on the go.

Lunch: will always be of the picnic style, with supplies for a supermarket. This gives us the flexibility to eat on the go , or during photography time.

Evening Meal : will almost always be a sit down cooked meal, taken in a restaurant.

Basic provisions are expensive in Iceland, so I would suggest that you bring with you some basics, such as cupa soups, chocolate etc.

Also as we will be out long days and picnic lunches, if at least every other person brings a flask, for hot water, for hot drinks and soups.




No vaccination is mandatory to travel toIceland but we would recommend taking your doctor’s advice on the same.


300mm plus converters or 500mm lens.

Wide angle zoom of around 16-35mm or 24-70mm.

A medium range tele zoom can be very handy ie: 70-200mm or 80-400mm

Also for the landscapes, I recommend the following filters to fit your wide angle.

Polarizer, and at least one neutral density filter of around -3 stops.

A good solid tripod.



One large suitcase per parson, plus camera bag.

The Suitcase of the, Soft Large Holdall type,  would  work better in the vehicle during our road trip days, as they stack better, without rolling around, and also take up less space.





Iceland climate is effected by the Gulf stream, so summers are mild and winter very cold.

We visit in that interim period, so we could get and expect anything, from snow to sun, and everything in between, all in one day.

Temperature wise , we could hope for around 8oc, but we could get down to just above freezing on higher ground.

However the weather around our main stop over location of Lake Myvatn, has its own micro climate, and can be very settled.






Due to the changeable weather patterns, it is advised to go for the layered approach to your clothing.

With a good but not heavy waterproof jacket and trousers, Don’t forget the hat and gloves.




Carry your passport and money with you. Do not put your passport in your checked-in baggage when travelling by air. If you decide to leave any valuable(s) in your room, please ensure to keep them in the safety box.


Place a photocopy of your passport in each and every checked-in bag that you give at the airport. Helps in case you lose your luggage!



If you require any further information regarding this or any other trip, please contact me on +44 1950422385+44 1950422385 or by email: , email recommended.


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