Ultimate Iceland - Photography Adventure

Ultimate Iceland is our 11 Day full packed Nature Photography Trip.

Iceland is a country of geological contrasts, with simply stunning landscapes, its unspoilt and clean environment gives you  that  wilderness feel.

The Birdlife although not large in species diversity. More than makes up for in the sheer numbers of Birds and their approachable nature.

Our 11 day trip, sees us fly up to the North east corner  of  Iceland, where we will make our 5 night  base around the Bird paradise of Lake Myvatn.

Lake Myvatn and its surrounding pools holds a large number of  Ducks and Waders. Who will have recently arrived back onto their breeding grounds, the timing should give us the maximum amount of activity,as the birds are busy in their pre breeding activities,

 finding territories and display.

Birds of Lake Myvatn include:

Long Tailed Duck, Barrows Goldeneye, Red Breasted Merganser, Greater Scaup,

Red Necked Phalarope in numbers you will not believe. Great Northern Diver on some of the smaller Lochs .  While the splendid Slovenian Grebe go about their courtship display.

Also on the near by Habitats, species such as Ptarmigan, Whimbrel, Golden Plover, Snipe and possibly Merlin. If we are very lucky we might even see Gyr Falcon, with the Lake Myvatn area being one of Iceland’s Strongholds for the species.

The nearby  river is  home to Harlequin ducks  and Barrows Goldeneye.

Other species we should photograph during the trip include Red Throated Diver ,

Snow Bunting, and  both Great and Arctic Skua.

The next stage of our trip will involve the long drive back towards Reykjavik . However we will undertake this in a relatively slow pace. With regular Hot spot stops, and I am sure unscheduled meetings with the wildlife of Iceland.

With one of our top stops being the  Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon and Beach area, where we will spend two  nights to take in the many opportunities that the area  can offer, including Snow Bunting, Great Skua, Iceland and Glaucous  gull,

while Harbour seals play around the Glacial lagoon.

We also have the chance of Arctic Skua visiting the large Arctic Tern colony.

Ultimate Iceland by Images in Nature from Images in Nature on Vimeo.


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