Day 1 - Arrival


Transfer from Budapest International Airport to our accommodation.
Welcome meeting and dinner

 Day 2 - Owls & Bittern

 A short drive to our Long eared Owl roosting site.

Here up to 300 birds congregate together in a very small area.
Even if you have previously viewed
 Long eared owls at roost, you will be amazed at this one.
Endless opportunities abound at this site.
Many will remain asleep, others like sentinels watch your every move with piercing orange eyes.
The joy here is being able to watch and Photograph many birds right out in the open, without disturbance.

With so many birds the opportunities are endless, group shots, full frame, close ups, with snow covered branches. 

One or two Short eared Owls also roost in this area, also providing photography opportunities.  





 A short drive to our Bittern location , where in the freezing conditions all the water faces will be frozen. We have a artificialy area of water kept clear by warm springs, here normaly secrative birds like Bittern and Kingfisher gather to feed. During out 2011 trip we witnessed up to 4 Bittern within a 30 meter area and up to 3 Kingfishers. Both these species try to stake there claim on the area of water, resulting in some great action. Other birds that regularly use this location include Great White Egret and Grey Heron.

Evening - Image assessment and guidance


 Day 3 - Eagle Hide 


An early morning start before dawn, we head deep into the Puszta, and our remote White Tailed Eagle Hide. 
Once we set up inside the hide for the day, you can relax and wait for the action.
We have had the Eagles down to 5 metres from the hide , but normally they are just 15 metres away,
And it is not unusual to have more than one bird at a time.
Buzzards also quite often come together , this makes for great action, as they fight for their place around the hide.


  During 2010 up to 6 White tailed Eagles, 2 Imperial Eagles , 6 Buzzard, Occasionally Rough Legged Buzzards visited and fed at our baited site in front of the hide. 


 Other species include Roe Deer , Grey Partridge , Great Bustard , Raven & Hooded Crow. 

Evening - Image assessment and guidance


 Day 4 - Woodland Hide & Bittern




Our woodland hide is situated at the edge of deciduous woodland, skirted by farmland, so attracting

a varied amount of Species.




Also in front of the hide is our raised pond, where the birds bathe and drink.

 Other birds photographed in front of the hide include Great Spotted Woodpecker,Syrian Woodpecker,  Brambling , Goldfinch , Long Tailed Tit,  Bullfinch ,Siskin , Hawfinch and Sparrowhawk.

We will also re visit our Bittern location.


Evening - Image assessment and guidance

Day 5 - Eagle Hide
Another early start as we return to our eagle hide


  Successfully photographing wildlife requires an understanding of the behaviour of the species, and so be able to predict what they might do next, to predict the behaviour will keep you ahead of the game , and give more successful images.

On the second visit you will be armed with the knowledge , techniques , and insight to be able to concentrate on the images you are taking, and predicting the images you want.

No two visits to this location are ever the same, we are sure of a surprise or two

  Evening - Image assessment and guidance

Day6 - Pool Hide
Our hide is set in front of a raised pool and feeding station.
It is not unusual to have 100 birds at or around the hide site.



The commonest visitors include Greenfinch ,Goldfinch ,
Hawfinch, Great Spotted Woodpecker,Syrian Woodpecker, Long tailed tit ,
Great Tit ,Pheasant ,Tree Sparrow and Sparrowhawk.
All come to feed, but many also to drink in our heated pool.
This will  offer us fantastic opportunities for reflection shots of the birds as they drink.

Late Afternoon we will return to photograph at our Long and Short eared Owl site.


The Owls will be roosting in different positions to our first day here , so offer different compositions.


Before dusk we will join a qualified bird Ringer to set up for ringing the Long Eared Owls as they fly to their feeding grounds.
This ringing provides the local environmental groups with vital information as to the  movements of the  owls at this important roosting site.
We will hopefully be able to view the birds in the hand of the ringer.




Evening - Image assessment and guidance


Day 7 -Mountains
Today will be a complete contrast, as we head for a day away from the flat Puszta habitat , and into the Mountains.
We have a hide here in the forest for White Backed and Middle Spotted Woodpecker, among others.
Later we will arrive at the foot of the mountains , here we have access to one of the many restricted areas of the national park, and a great location for two of the mountain specialists Wallcreaper and Alpine Accentor.
We would be very lucky to photograph Wallcreaper but have an excellent chance for Alpine Accentor.
Other species include 
Middle Spotted Woodpecker , Grey Headed Woodpecker , Short Toed Treecreaper, Willow Tit 

   Day 8 

If time before departure a final walk around the local water system to view Kingfisher , Bittern and Water Rail amongst other species.
Depart and transportation to Budapest Airport.


Tour in Detail




4th - 11th January 2013FULL


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8 days 7 nights

Guided by

Lee Mott

     Group Size

Maximum of

2 Photographers.




Cost Includes

All transport within Hungary.

All guidance & tuition

All admission fees 


food and drink.



Cost Excludes

 Alcohol and

personal effects.


Air fares

(London to Budapest

approx £150 return)

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