Recommended Equipment  for Osprey Workshop
Digital SLR Camera Body
 Full Frame Camera : 400-500mm prime lens   and / or 70-200mm with converter.
Cropped Sensor Camers: 300mm prime lens and or 70-200mm with converter.
Our subject requires a lens that will focus very fast, so must have internal focusing motor.
As do most top prime lenses.
If you do not own such a lens, hiring is always an option.
Compact Flash cards or Film ( or other media card)
Tripod (preferably, Manfrotto,Gitzo)
Tripod Head (preferably ball head with friction  or Gimbal type )
Spare camera batteries
Small Photo Rucksack
Instruction manuals Camera
Blank CD or DVD to save you images
Small torch
Laptop (recommended but not essential)
Balacalava ( or other device to cover the face)