Equipment Recomended for Hungary Spring Workshop



Digital SLR Camera Body
Telephoto zoom lens that covers a 200mm 70-200 or 100-400
Telephoto Lens 300mm + 1.4 converter
Telephoto Lens  500mm ( minimum 300mm)
Tele-converter 1.4x or 2.0x (optional)
Compact Flash cards or Film ( or other media card)
Optional Portable hard drive IE: Smartdisk or laptop (for saving your images)
Tripod ((preferably, Manfrotto,Gitzo or Benbo)
Tripod Head (preferably ball head with friction or Gimbal type )
Flash Gun (optional )
Flash -off camera cable
off camera flash bracket
Better beamer - flash extender
Cable release
Spare camera batteries
Small Photo Rucksack
Bean Bag
Instruction manuals Camera & Flash
Blank CD or DVD to save you images
Small torch
Electricity plug adapters ( for battery charger and laptop )
Laptop (recommended as we will undertake some lightroom and Photoshop work during the evening,  but not essential)